El Galpón Aluminé



It is located in a rural area 17 km from Aluminé, Neuquén.

Aluminé is a mountain village of 7,000 inhabitants in the centre west of the Province of Neuquén, 380 km from its capital city.

Surrounded by mountains, white water rivers and starry nights, El Galpón is a productive project of handmade sweets and in the summer months it is a residence for artists.

The idea of our meetings is to carry out an affectively contained coexistence, where being, passing through and sharing the experiences that take place, reveal something substantial about our area and the work of the participants.

We have outings that activate themes that intersect to get to know stories beyond the landscape (beyond the images that happen to us).

In the grounds, you can write lying on the grass while woodpeckers, bandurrias and bustards fly over your head, walk 30 metres to the river and sit on the sand to watch the trout jump in the pools, bathe as you came into the world or have a nice campfire.

Aluminé , Neuquén

Director: Horacio Occhi

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