ECCO: digital magazine of the residents of the Villa Medici


ECCO: digital magazine of the residents of the Villa Medici

ECCO -experimental magazine created by the 16 artists in residence in 2020-2021 at the  French Academie in Rome – Villa Medici- invites CINC to take part in its 7th issue by proposing as a trigger the term « rift », a raw word that evokes a sound and a form as a pretext for reflection. Videos, texts and sound creations, each contribution takes hold of the word and dissects the imaginary that goes with it.

In this way CINC -an emerging international collective of women communicators, managers, researchers and artists- takes its first step by staging its desire: to create international networks through a multilingual space advocating access to culture as a fundamental right for everyone.

Combien des mots are the same word?

CINC I Cultura Exchanges Channel

The possibility of interpreting what is interpreted has no end. This unlimited semiosis is generated when every sign interprets another sign, and its fundamental condition consists in a movement to the infinite. Our process of collective art is born from a word that implies

rupture. As an emerging creative space we have decided to encourage -with Anne-James Chaton, Nicola Costantino and Fernando Garnero- an expressive search in order to link us in a common language. These artistic objects show the diversity we inhabit. Because we are our culture, we want to continue getting to know stories that help us watch, reinterpreting rifts in a constant walking. As the uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano says: « So what’s the point of utopia? The point is this: to keep walking ». 

Anne-James Chaton – Fernando Garnero

Combien des mots are the same word?, Anne-James Chaton (Autor, París), Fernando Garnero (Compositor, París), CINC, 2021

+ Nicola Costantino

<< There are pieces that could not exist without rifts because of the complexity of the drawings. By accepting the rifts we can go further and enjoy images that seem to be written with a language that is exclusive of the clay body >>

Nicola Constantino

Pardes -cerámica Nerikomi-, Nicola Costantino (Sculptor, Buenos Aires), 2021. Video editor: Javier Fernandez Cuarto

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