Quincho: the network of artistic residencies favoring intercultural crossroads


Quincho: the network of artistic residencies favoring intercultural crossroads


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QUINCHO is a network of artistic residency spaces in Argentina associated by a common inclusive, diverse and federal interest, which is proposed as a tissue of collaboration and cooperation, with the purpose of:

>> Contributing to the mobility of artists and other art professionals fostering sustainable creative exchange.

>> Promoting the sustainability and visibility of the spaces that integrate it.

>> Promoting, in conjunction with the relevant official institutions, policies and practices for the recognition of the sector and funding of both the spaces and the artists circulating between these spaces.

>> Opening up international exchange opportunities

>> Establishing Residencies as a category within the cultural sector, understanding their specificity, autonomy and importance.

And also, internally:

>> Generating spaces for dialogue among residency programmes at national level, strengthening their organisational capacities.

>> Generating good professional practices that will nurture the next generation of organisers and administrators of these programmes.

The creation of a network of Argentinean residencies has had a long history of calls for proposals for at least 15 years. The isolation of the pandemic, paradoxically, let us make this meeting among spaces that we have self convened possible, and we are working continuously on the outline of an efficient and fluid network, under construction, that permanently seeks to integrate new spaces and programmes.

We call ourselves QUINCHO, because it is a word that cannot be translated into other languages without being described, which etymologically comes from the Quechua word qincha (“fence made of sticks and straw”) and which also exists as kincha in Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuche. By extension QUINCHO is a place generally without walls, with a roof for outdoor meals. It is, first of all,  a shelter that protects, but at the same time has no walls, allowing the flow of entry and exit of people, accommodating both the few and the many. For Argentine people it is a fraternal meeting place, with food as an excuse, something that often happens in residencies where gathering around food brings artists together in a time usually outside the studio, giving them the possibility of a more personal exchange that nurtures cross-cultural crossings.

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