R.A.R.O.- Residencias Artísticas Raramente Organizadas


Residencias Artísticas Raramente Organizadas

R.A.R.O. was created at the beginning of 2014 as a result of the interest in creating spaces for the dissemination and creation of artists. It proposes a programme of self-managed itinerant residencies that started in the city of Buenos Aires and is currently extending to Madrid and Barcelona.

The R.A.R.O. residencies are aimed at emerging and established artists, national and international, from all disciplines who are interested in doing itinerant residencies and who want to share a workshop with local artists for the production of work. Since its inception, the R.A.R.O. team has been responsible for forming a solid base of local artists’ workshops where other artists can come to develop their projects. Currently, the collective has a total of 19 attached spaces in Buenos Aires, each run by artists of wide and medium trajectory, from different disciplines.

The organisation of this type of residencies manages to generate an artistic space based on the exchange of knowledge and seeks to provide opportunities for artists to carry out their projects. So far, R.A.R.O. has offered a special programme of grants for artists from Argentine provinces, and has granted full scholarships for foreign artists thanks to alliances with Embassies, institutions, and other residency programmes around the world.

Buenos Aires 

Director: Lina Ángel

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