Nube is a residency programme that is part of Púrpura Proyecto.

Púrpura began in 2016 as a pedagogical artistic project aimed at the training, production and circulation of visual arts in the city of Santa Fe.

It is a management project that works on ways of learning and teaching in the field of visual arts, where learning experiences, strategies and methods that artists use in their creative experiences are socialised and exchanged.

It is a space for networking, elaborating methods, imagining, dismantling, questioning and surrendering to experience and intuition.

“Nube”, Residence for Artists; is a space for the production of work, research, thought, exchange, management and work in contemporary art in its multiple forms. The residency has two formats, one of them takes place in the city of Santa Fe at Púrpura’s headquarters. There the artists have two individual heated rooms, four production workshops, a library with a computer and internet access, an exhibition room and bicycles to explore the city. Another of its formats takes place in estancias and rural spaces in the province of Santa Fe, where the artists have several rooms and individual workshops to produce. Nube offers a context: to be alone, to expand networks, to stop the speed of everyday time, to give shape to a project, to make inventories, to connect with one’s own work and that of peers.

We visit local artists’ studios and art schools, we organise talks, film cycles and residency closing exhibitions. Artists can also participate in other training programmes such as “Órbita” and “El Oráculo”, which are part of the project’s annual agenda.

Santa Fe, Santa Fe

Directors: Lali Martínez Spaggiari y César Núñez

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