« Rondas de Crianzas » and the struggle for women’s rights


« Rondas de Crianzas » and the struggle for women's rights

Asociación Kumelén

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Kumelén means « to be happy » in Mapuche and defines the spirit and the search of this Argentinian civil association that was born in 1988 in Carlos Pellegrini, Santa Fe, Argentina, oriented to cultural, artistic and social productions, with a mobilising, cooperative and solidary sense. 

« Ronda de Crianza de Kumelén » is a place to share different experiences about the tasks involved in parenting. Through listening, the exchange of stories and the accompaniment of women and pregnant women in the different stages of upbringing, we try to change what in the community is not equitable, egalitarian or fair, by rethinking and democratising the tasks of care.

From 16 to 21 May 2021 « Ronda de Crianza de Kumelén » participated in the « World Week of Respectful Childbirth » under the slogan « My decision must be respected » carrying out an action to raise awareness and visibility through the voices of those who have experienced situations of various forms of violence at the time of childbirth.

On 8 March 2021, International Women’s Day, the women of the Kumelén Breeding Rouds, once again raised their voices for equal rights and against gender- based violence.

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