Zona Imaginaria is an open and active space for research and exchange of experiences and training of artists, with a strong interest in interpersonal relationships, through its workshops and residency project.

The Residency Project “Who can live in this house?” seeks to establish a dialogue between local artists and visitors through the intervention of the house. It also proposes the creation of an alternative space and critical reflection about contemporary art and the spaces in which it is created, based on the concept of the work and its integration with the community.

At a time when conflicts, especially in the Buenos Aires conurbation, lead to the construction of walls and the closing of doors, this project proposes to open them, while inviting people to live together and create networks, fostering social bonds and cultural aspects of exchange.

Since 2008 we have opened the doors of Zona and we have already received more than 90 artists; international and from the interior of the country, as well as workshops and seminars; free of charge for the neighbourhood, for children, young people and adults.

Art is the structure that makes possible the meeting and symbolic exchange between the members of Zona, and they make up the framework of Zona, which throughout its history has defined it today.

Chile 3386, Villa Jardín, San Fernando – Buenos Aires 

Director: Lucrecia Urbano

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