A post. An oasis in the middle of the road. Rivers and streams dance zigzagging through a fertile and temperate valley. To the west, the small sierras in front and the big ones behind.

Rich in minerals, the valleys of Cordoba have been fertile lands for material and intellectual production.

From its beginnings, Cordoba was a relay between Lima, Peru, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The natural and climatic fertility created a Mediterranean metropolis out of this post on the royal road. A prosperous and federal territory, where its natural wonders are scenarios of encounter and fusion of diverse cultures that choose Cordoba for work, education, health or leisure reasons.

Being the capital of the interior, or at least the capital of the north of Argentina, Cordoba has a population density of 2,000,000 inhabitants, and is also the largest city in the country. 

Alberdi, a residence for researchers and creatives, is a productive powerhouse. An intellectual factory. A tower, an observatory. A lighthouse in an undulating, tumultuous and rugged skyline. A new landmark in a prehistoric cultural site of Cordoba society.  An original metropolis, where Comechingones, Sanabirones, Pampas and Ranqueles aborigines, became centuries later, the first European university descendants of Argentina. “The first free territory in America”.  Cradle of the first Latin American university reform and territory of popular rebellious and libertarian revolts. “The greatest passion of Cordoba”. “The most popular neighbourhood”. Sports, cultural, civil and religious institutions frame and define both the culture and the urban infrastructure of the neighbourhood. Nowadays it behaves like a Latin American capsule. A territorial cut-out where Argentinean, Peruvian, Paraguayan and Bolivian communities emphasise the dynamic, thriving and eternal cultural mix of the República de Alberdi.

República de Alberdi, Ciudad de Córdoba.

Dirección: Guido Quaglia + Romina Calla.

Coordinación Ejecutiva / Gastón Beron

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