MONTE Residencia


Monte is an art residency located in Colonia Benítez and Tres Horquetas, Chaco, Argentina, which proposes a vision of work to its applicants that delves into the concept of ruins as an artistic gesture. It offers housing and a space in contact with nature that stimulates research, creative development and the production of work. The artists will be able to intervene the native landscape by placing their production within the exhibition space, a 4-hectare native forest, a land inhabited by its flora and fauna, which will coexist with the works generated in the different editions of the residency, subjected over time to climatic changes and the forest itself, under the sign of the infinite transformation.

As a space for cultural exchange, it includes interaction events with local peers, students and the general public.

Colonia Benítez, Chaco 

Director: Juan Sorrentino

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