After having travelled and carried out experiences in residencies in Argentina and Latin America, the artists Maximiliano Peralta Rodríguez and Cintia Clara Romero decided to expand their home to receive colleagues who have the intention of developing productive or reflective projects in a peaceful environment in contact with nature. This is how in 2012 they designed Curadora, a working residence for artists, managers and curators, national and foreign, developed with the aim of providing a place for exchange, research and production in relation to the problems of contemporary art.

The house is located in a semi-rural area in the municipality of San José del Rincón (Santa Fe, Argentina) surrounded by woods, rivers and lakes, and has three rooms, a workshop and a carpentry shop for residents to develop their projects. During the days that each season lasts, the house, meals and work processes are shared, proposing a communion between artistic practice, the daily tasks of the home and the natural environment.

Santa Fe

Directors: Cintia Clara Romero / Maximiliano Peralta Rodríguez

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