PROYECTO PAC – Prácticas Artísticas Contemporáneas


With the intention of stimulating artistic production and contributing to the establishment of collaborative ties and instances of exchange at national and international level between artists, curators, theoreticians, critics, managers and other cultural actors, Proyecto PAC has been developing since 2017 a programme of residencies in the space of the Gachi Prieto gallery in the city of Buenos Aires in three modalities: Residency for artistic production, curatorial research or cultural management. We are particularly interested in “work in progress”, as we understand that within the creative field, interests and working methods mutate as a result of new questions, knowledge and experiences. For this reason, we encourage participants to dedicate the residency to on-site observations, conversations with various actors in the artistic field, self-reflection and development.

The selected residents are received individually and work for four to six weeks in the workshop space provided by the gallery with the accompaniment of a team of tutors and the participation in all the activities developed by Proyecto PAC: classes, clinics, seminars, exhibitions and a personalised agenda of meetings with diverse references of the cultural network of Buenos Aires. This experience is capitalised not only in the realisation of their artistic, curatorial or management projects, but also in the presentation – towards the end of their residency – of a workshop, a conference, an exhibition or any other format they deem appropriate, through which they can share the results of their stay with their colleagues and the public.

Buenos Aires 

Director: Gachi Prieto

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