INTEMPERIE. Nomad platform for contemporary art


A collective of artist-managers who work through de-localised projects that temporarily intervene the territory. It illuminates and agitates a current of artists in and from Necochea, south coast of Buenos Aires. It embraces nomadism, nature and diversity. Since 2017 it proposes the production of work, action and poetic critical thought, activating residencies for artists, open calls for Sitio Específico projects and networked exchanges of projects from multiple centres of contemporary art. 

The residency is oriented towards the development of projects linked to the Visual Arts in all their formats, including those involving the crossing of disciplines, and is characterised by its location in areas with strong links to nature. The aim of the Residency is to generate a space for exchange and to propose an expansion through projects situated in the context and the territory. Places and spaces are undoubtedly forms of knowledge that call upon us to generate de-localised gazes and discourses.

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