NAVE ÁGORA – Cultural Space-Laboratory of creation and exploration for Citizen and Community Innovation


Cultural Space-Laboratory of creation and exploration for Citizen and Community Innovation.

Nave Ágora’s mission is to contribute to innovation and development in all aspects of the cultural life of communities and society, through the knowledge and ways of the arts, technologies (recent or ancient) and sciences (formal and alternative), promoting cooperation between people, governments, companies, academia and other cultural organisations, to achieve “good living” and “good knowledge”.

To this end, it organises workshops, meetings and other actions for training, creation, production, reflection and exchange of knowledge, promoting collaborative and supportive atmospheres and dynamics. Its residency is aimed especially at artists, researchers and cultural managers who are interested in carrying out their creations, research and productions in the Nave Ágora space.

Main objectives:

  • Stimulating initiatives together with communities and participating in their cultural, social and economic development, being an agent of Sociocultural Animation.
  • Identifying social and community needs and problems and contributing to their resolution.
  • Identifying emerging and neglected knowledge and identities and promoting their development.
  • Identifying violated rights and promoting actions in their defence and strengthening.

La Paternal, Buenos Aires City

General direction: Bernardo Piñero

Technology and arts co-ordination: Gerardo Della Vecchia 

Education and Arts Coordination: Natalia Pajariño

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