Adolfo Alsina, Buenos Aires Province

EPECUEN RESIDENCY aims to offer a reactive space for the production and development of work within the framework of the ruins of Epecuén.

We propose an experience of dialogue in the context of a residency where artists in a rural environment can circumscribe during their stay the personal poetics and the interrelation with the territory from the enquiry and the creative experience.

We maintain that the coexistence between artists, curators and intellectuals and their relationship with the territory and society, not only adds value to the historical and touristic heritage, but also to contemporary artistic practice. While the residency provides a space of reflection for artists, it is also a platform that encompasses interdisciplinary ways of approaching and generating crossovers between the poetics of the individual, the anthropological, the historical and the social.

Lago Epecuen

Director: Eduardo M.Saubidet

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