URRA is a non-profit organisation that carries out different formats of art residencies, international exchanges and other related artistic programmes, founded in 2010 in Argentina, and belongs to the VERIA Foundation for the Development, Research and Dissemination of Art and Culture.

URRA encourages artistic production in a creative environment of reflection and inspiration, favouring dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and experiences between art professionals from different parts of the world.

Focusing on the visual arts, its residencies and programmes involve artists, curators and other professionals from different generations, nationalities and contexts. 

Nomads by birth, between 2010 and 2016 we carried out different programmes in different places in the city of Buenos Aires. In 2013 we began to carry out international exchanges with Basel, in 2015 we added London and we also carried out sporadic exchanges with Kaohsiung, Madrid and Guatemala City. In 2016 we inaugurated a stable residency venue in the Tigre Sur District of the Municipality of Tigre, where we started a permanent programme of residencies with artists and other cultural professionals from Argentina and the world.

Buenos Aires City & Tigre 

Director: Melina Berkenwald

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